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This morning was the first, and hopefully only, disappointment for the week.

The lens that I had won on eBay last week was scheduled to arrive tomorrow because of a botch-up at the UPS store that the sender used. It would have actually arrived today, if not for the fact that the delivery guy didn't ring the doorbell and instead just left a sticky note. Granted, I'm not normally home and he knows this, but I was home today.

The blinds were open most of the morning, which would have been an obvious sign... I had closed them in preparation to get some lunch, though, and in the few minutes between that moment and when I opened the door to leave, he had apparently stopped by and left a note on the door. He and I have an arrangement that would have worked after I had actually gone, but there wasn't enough time to even do that.

Oh well, at least I wasn't expecting to get it until tomorrow, anyway. I'll be sure not to go out to get lunch this time around :-)
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