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Finally settling in

This evening is one that I don't really care to repeat, at least not anytime soon.

Shortly before leaving work today, I upgraded the SSH server on the server I have colocated at the office, then rebooted it for that to take effect. It was taking a little longer than normal to come back online, so I stop by on the way out and it's apparently doing a file system check... after a year, it was probably due for one. I get home, and an hour or so later it hasn't started back up yet... I'm thinking this is taking too long, and starting to fear the worst.

I call up a friend of mine on the building's IT staff and ask him if I could get into the computer room after hours to check on it, and he agrees to help me out. Within 20 minutes, I've got the problem* fixed and the delayed email, etc. starts coming in. I was expecting to see an additional charge on the next hosting bill, but he let me in there not only after hours, but off the record.

I owe him one.

* During the file system check, it ran into a tiny problem that it apparently needed me to come in, log into it directly, and tell it to fix. It should be good now, though, for at least another year before it needs to do that again. You just have to love journaling file systems.
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