Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Random happenings

After doing a much-less-than-perfect-in-my-opinion job of trying to edit red eye out of the wedding photos from last weekend, I ordered a Canon 580EX flash from, along with some things to go with it (high-capacity rechargeables, for one... pretty handy for things like that). What's odd, and kinda sad, is that everything that I ordered to go with the flash is arriving today, but the flash itself hasn't even shipped yet. Kind of odd, especially when the site says "usually ships within 24 hours", but things happen. I emailed them, asking if it suddenly went into backorder or that part of the order was lost in the system, or what. Currently waiting on some type of reply...

[Update @ 1:20pm]
No reply yet to the aforementioned email yet, but I did receive something better... a UPS tracking number! I don't know if it was coincidence or a response to my email but, either way, I'm a happy camper now.


Last week, I received an email from someone at Microsoft, of all places, asking if I would be interested in a job with them. As both a Linux advocate and a justified Microsoft basher (I work with their stuff as a developer for my day job... trust me, I have reasons to hate), it seems to me like I would the last person they would want on the payroll :-)

Naturally, I declined.


Things are still going strong with Photo Friday. This week's challenge is "Complexity", and I've got a fallback plan (another of the Finland photos, or a better version of it if I can find one) ready to go in case I don't come across anything in the next few days.
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