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Linux vs. Windows: TCO Comparison

My favorite quote is this:
The big question currently confronting corporate users is whether harmonious heterogeneity is possible. It had better be. If it is not forthcoming, everyone -- corporate end users and vendors alike -- stands to lose.

I agree... Microsoft may want to lock everyone into using only their software but, one way or another, it's likely to blow up in their face.


I guess I've just had my first case of comment spam... and it wasn't even that great a product to begin with. Who wants what basically amounts to an HTML editor for RSS, anyway? It's silly, unless you're into podcasting, and even then there are better (read: more streamlined) ways to do it.

Anyway, for those that haven't already noticed, comments from those not on my friends list are now being screened. Nothing personal to the rest... I just don't appreciate being used as a billboard... especially when I'm not getting paid :-)


All is set for another trip to Charlotte this weekend, this time for ms_soliloque's birthday party. All of those that I know that are going, I look forward to seeing you there.

These days I'm again thinking about moving back down there, provided future plans work out. It's just seeming like I left a lot behind when I moved north, even though it wasn't that far. We shall see!
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