Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

The benefit of getting the 580EX finally showed itself at the birthday party the other night. Out of the shots I took, not one had any red-eye to speak of, where roughly a third of those from the wedding were plagued with it. One more thing to get used to, though... a flash that's actually versatile.

That was also the first time shooting more than one photo at one place and time in raw format, something just as useful if not more. Question for the digital photogs who are likely to see this... what do you use to process those? I don't have Photoshop CS, mostly because of the price tag, and I'm not using Canon's processing software because (correct me if I'm wrong, but) I don't want to keep the camera turned on for the entire time that I'm trying to get photos out of it.

What I did end up using are a couple of shareware programs for transferring and processing the photos, and PhotoImpact 10 for editing. Together that's probably 1/4 or less of Photoshop's price, and the setup works quite well for my needs at the moment :-)

That plus the fact that, if I ever get one of these, the workflow will be no different than it currently is.
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