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Whatever happened to "The customer is (mostly) always right?"

If tonight is any example, the Road Runner national help desk is staffed with a bunch of pompous, know-nothing pricks who enjoy thinking of the customers as clueless sheep.

Me: Something's wrong with the DNS servers in this area... the network's apparently been renumbered and they're refusing all DNS queries
Prick: <starts to run through programmed diagnostic BS>
Me: You do realize that the problem is on your network, right?
Prick: I don't know that
Me: You do now... I've just told you, and apparently I've got more networking background than you do
Prick: Do you run this network?
Me: No, and frankly I'd be ashamed if I did. Can I speak to the local support people?
Prick: The only way you can contact them is through customer support.
Me: ...and that brought me here.
Prick: Exactly.
[20 more minutes of trying to beat him in the head with facts]
Me: *typing* Ok, asshole. I guess I'll wait for the people here to realize there's a problem and fix it. In the meantime, I'm bypassing your DNS servers. *click*

(The beginning of the call wasn't an angry one by any stretch, but that's just how it came out of my mental playback with the way I was feeling)

Eventually, they're going to find that there is a problem. If that call was recorded, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when that guy's manager finds out that he was told the problem by an increasingly annoyed customer but chose to ignore it, and rips him a new one.

Now that my net connection is usable again, I'll try emailing the local office directly and see if I can get any results.

[Update @ 9:20pm]
Their network is working again, apparently.
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