Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Random things continue

These randomness posts may continue for some time, so just bear with me :-)

I've recently gotten into the Google Talk beta, but currently don't know of many that use it. I think it's pretty cool, though, because of the way that they're doing it that makes it automatically mostly compatible (except for their voice chat stuff, which I'm not likely to use anyway) with most multi-network IM clients already out there. Since they're using the Jabber protocol, I just added my address there to that part of the LJ profile if anyone wants it.

One experiment that I'm wanting to try the next time that a full moon rolls around is to shoot it. I've read that the minimum for a good shot of that ball of rock is 300mm, but I've seen some decent (albeit small) shots at around 180 (35mm equivalent, with regards to field of view). I'd like to see what I can get with a little more than that (135mm x 1.6 crop factor on the 20D = 216mm) and a couple times the resolution (compare 8.2MP to 2.11). I missed the last one, but this should give me enough time to get a remote trigger so the shots come out a little cleaner than they would otherwise, something I was wishing for with my last Photo Friday shot.

Along those lines... Canon announces the 25D
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