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Rebirth... or something to that effect

I don't know how many remember the MUD server I was working on in Feb., and then lost later that month when my home server ate itself, but I've decided to make another stab at it. What I've got so far is all of the first 3 items in that original list, and most of the fourth one, approximately where it was just before I lost it the first time. Time to make a few backups... reproducing 16k lines of code isn't something I necessarily enjoy doing :-)

This second time around, though, I've been able to improve on a few things. It's also going a lot faster due to the fact that I've got a) all of the experience from the first try and b) the original design notes.


Since July, I've been plagued by the switch that detects whether the hood is open or not in my car. It would constantly think that the hood was open when it wasn't, and the problem has been getting progressively worse since then. Yesterday, I took it to the service dept. and it finally misbehaved in front of them (much unlike the last time). A replacement switch is now on order, which means another day of work at home. When that'll be, though, I have no idea... I like that I'm finally going to get the thing fixed, though, and don't have to pay a cent for it.

Back to the grind... it would have been nice to have this entire week off, but there weren't quite enough vacation days to spare to make that happen. Oh well, at least it's a short week :-)
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