Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Hopefully finished this time

The car is at the shop again, concerning the whole crazy hood ajar thing. The switch was replaced on Friday, but it became crazier after that as I couldn't lock the doors without having the alarm go off every 10 minutes, and the hood ajar message must have come on and gone off around a hundred times on my way home from work yesterday. From what the guy told me this morning, though, a technical service bulletin already has this problem covered, and they're taking care of the latter half of what it says today. The "known problem" feeling is a warm fuzzy one, even if the problem itself is an extremely annoying one.

I got a Taurus as a loaner to get to the office today but, if I had known before I got it that I was only going to need it for one day (was thinking 2-3 from what they said on Friday), I would have just worked at home. I have to have it back by 5, which doesn't help that I was a half hour late to work because of it, and I feel like Gulliver driving around in the thing.

I can't wait to get my Escape back...

[Update @ 11:30am]
At least the boss is OK with my leaving early because of this mess, and my sending him an "I'm gonna be late" email from the phone this morning worked. One more thing about the new phone that I like :-)
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