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Never fails...

I got the car back yesterday afternoon, and it seemed to behave on the way home, overnight and on the way to work this morning, but I get to work and suddenly it's misbehaving again (the perimeter alarm is spontaneously going off). I called the service dept. and they said to bring it by on Monday. I'm going to see how it goes in the meantime, though... perhaps this morning was just a spasm before it starts working right again? I don't know...

I do know that after replacing the switch, it took around 24 hours or so before it progressed from what it was doing before then to what it was doing that prompted the work on it this week.


Unless someone's got a better suggestion, I'm settling on the name "Forgotten Age" for the MUD. Unless I do get a suggestion for a better name, watch this space (but maybe not this entry) for an announcement of a separate LJ account for stuff related to it.
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