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Nearly there...

...on a couple fronts, actually, but I'm still knocking on wood.

The last thing I tried yesterday to see what might be causing the hood switch instability was to disconnect the switch itself and short the connector... that would disable the switch, sure, but it also takes the switch and a loose connector on that end out of the picture as possible causes. Since then, though, the car couldn't go 30 minutes with things locked and armed without the alarm going off. I ended up going in there this afternoon and reseating a couple of other connectors that looked like they may be involved, and so far I think it's been that amount of time with no problem. Time will tell, of course, but I think that one's licked. The next test, if that works, would be to get the switch back into the picture and see if it holds up.

Another problem I've been having lately is turning into another "experimenting to turn instability into stability" quest. My colocated server (which handles my email, web space, etc.) has had problems lately of programs crashing at the kernel level, which was leaving things unstable. I was about to try replacing the memory in the machine, but then remembered that the instability started after a certain kernel upgrade, but I couldn't remember the version. I'm currently trying to backtrack that, and so far I'm having good luck. Again, only time will tell...

If the kernel change ends up solving that problem, I've got a half-gig of memory to put into something... the video editing machine upstairs, or the server? :-)
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