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Recent bafflements, etc.

Things are looking up on one front, and looking about the same on another.

The hood switch problem is one that I think I've nailed down the cause for, but fixing it seems a little beyond my ability to deal with. I'll be taking it to the shop again to have that looked at on Monday (need it for a trip to GA this weekend), which is good timing since I'll need to have the 10k mile maintenance done by then anyway.

As far as the server instability issues, I was right... recent kernel upgrades did indeed cause the problem, and I'm experimenting to see what's the latest one I can run without it blowing up in my face. Nearly there, nearly there...


Definitely looking forward to seeing helixblue again this weekend, and seeing lilbluebus as well. Everything's set for that, including the car GPS (considering how lousy the address locating can be on that thing sometimes, it's a good thing I can load lat/lon coordinates in it)... just have to hit the road when the time comes :-)


Last fall, I went to Salem Lake and got some decent shots in while I was getting to a couple of the geocaches up there. I may do that again this year with the 20D... if I can get a really good one, one idea I've had would be to get an 8x10 print of it and frame it for mom for Christmas or something. She already has a 4x6 of #5 (I think) that I made for her, and loves that one. Considering what some have said about my work lately, I just hope that I don't run into the problems that this guy did.
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