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It seems that All Headline News has lost at least one user today, and probably a lot of others as well. As of last Friday, they decided that they want to start charging for the use of their RSS feeds, from $50 on up. Since I was only using them to get local news from places that didn't cover, I'm dropping them and adding what feeds I can find from the sites that they get their headlines from. One can't really blame them, as the RSS links of theirs take you directly to the real news sites denying them anything like ad revenue, but I'm personally not going to pay them that much monthly when I don't have to.

Of course, adding some news site feeds *cough* News & Record *cough* would be easier if they knew what they were doing when they created them... ugh.


It seems that all is well with the Escape again. I got it back from the service dept. last Wed. afternoon, and haven't had a problem with it since. It's nice to be able to lock my doors again without the fear of the alarm deciding to go off spontaneously :-)
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