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Weekend recap

Yesterday morning, I attended a photo workshop at a studio in Charlotte. Given the kind of photography I've been doing so far, I thought it might be an interesting intro to that kind of work, and it was. I did flounder a bit in the area that I expected to going in, but the results were still good... most of the posing that I know about is for portraits, and doesn't do a lot of good when you're doing glamour/nude, so fortunately I was able to get by with the help of the others that were there. I recognize that as something to work on, though, and I plan to do just that. In spite of the problems, though, much fun was had, many things were learned, and I walked away with a number of good shots. I'll be getting those online sometime this week.

Last night was the semi- (hopefully) turning fully-annual late-night cookout, hosted by a couple friends of mine in the area. It was there that I came across this week's Photo Friday shot:

Before I came back home, I caught up with an old friend for lunch. A great end to a fun weekend.
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