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It almost happened... I almost had to call in a CC chargeback for the first time in my life.

I ordered one of these roughly 3 weeks ago (the card was charged the next day), started trying to contact the store owner a week ago (it can't take that long to ship something from Tacoma, WA), and no response until today. Apparently there were more problems than he made site browsers aware of, and my order was one of a couple that were temporarily lost in the system. He's getting it shipped out to me now, though.

The Thanksgiving weekend was otherwise great... too short, but weekends of any length are easily that. The tree is now up, and half of what little Christmas shopping I'm needing to do this year is done. Now I'm counting down to THAT holiday weekend, which marks the beginning of a vacation that leaves me not going back to work until the next year (I love those).
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