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A good night just gets better

A relative of mine called tonight asking if it would be possible for me to get to the annual family Christmas thing, which is going to be on a Thursday (the 22nd) this year. I don't have any vacation days to burn without moving one from the following week, which I really didn't want to do. Combine that with the hour drive each way, and things were not looking good.

The idea then came up to see if I could telecommute from the hotel room that Friday, as I can do from home as needed, since my work computer is a laptop. I emailed the boss about it, and happened to get a reply from him this evening saying that it should work out.

YES!! I won't have to miss 50% of the reason why I go home for Christmas after all!

It'll be interesting to see what bonus point specials the hotel chain has going on next month, if any. I'll either be able to get a free night (already have enough for that), get points for another one, or do both :-)
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