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Weekend recap

It didn't start out too well (was hoping to get together for a movie with a couple friends Fri. night, but that fell through), but this weekend ended up being a rather good one. Last night was the next-to-last performance of A Christmas Carol by the Kernersville Little Theatre for the year, and I ended up going to see that... it was great! I found myself wishing that I had one of these (or one of these, at the very least), though... my 28-135 might have had enough reach to go across the church, but would have required 4 times the light for things to come out even remotely right. Maybe next year...

In the meantime, if anyone's feeling generous... *grin*

This afternoon was a near-miss as far as plans to catch up with dichotomous, whom I haven't seen in quite a while, but perhaps there will be another chance soon. It did give me a chance to get a few things done around here, though.

At the moment... laundry's being done, Danny Elfman's in the stereo, and some white merlot's in a glass. A good end to the weekend :-)
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