Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

(Holiday) weekend recap

This was a good one, definitely. It was a chance to catch up with not only my family back home, but also with several friends (a few less than I wanted to, but what can you do?). I came back home with 3 DVDs from the wish list, a gift card, and other random things.

I also came home with roughly 90 shots from the trip. Several people were asking me about getting copies of the photos, so I thought at first that I would create a some Kodak Photo CD format discs and hand them out to whoever wanted them so they could have their own prints made of what they wanted. Definitely easier (not to mention cheaper) than doing all of that myself.

What I missed in earlier research into that format, though, was that a set of CD-i files were required to make the whole thing work on a computer, and those I couldn't get my hands on without having a lab or kiosk create one of those discs... not something that I wanted to cave in and do. I ended up going with their Picture CD format, which was more flexible and a lot less proprietary... just a bunch of JPEGs in a specific directory, and some software on the disc to browse them (found a decent free one for that, but now thinking about writing my own for later use). I've got the master images created now, and just need to burn the discs... after I test the one that I've got to see if it'll work with a couple store kiosks. It's not that I foresee any problems, but it's always safer to check before I burn a dozen or so copies.
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