Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,


The photo CDs seem to work like a charm. I took a test disc of shots from Christmas Eve to the Kodak kiosk at Wally World today, successfully loaded and browsed the photos, and bought a print of my favorite shot from that night. Now that the thing is proven, I get to burn around 18 more copies (total, from 3 other master images) to hand out to family... wheee! :-)

After that was done, I met up with dichotomous and tech11 for lunch in Greensboro. The original plan was to meet up at Borders or something and hang out, but TGI Friday's works just as well!

The tree still isn't put away yet... I'm planning to take care of that tomorrow, as I need to put a few things back in place that I had to take out of place at the beginning of Dec. in the name of accessibility (the tree is in front of a couple of cabinets, and a few of the things normally in them I wasn't sure if I'd need this month).

I still don't know for sure what I'm doing this weekend. If plans for something with some friends in Raleigh don't solidify, which is looking a little bleak at the moment, I'll probably head to Charlotte. It's nice to have backup plans on a night that, not too long ago, I didn't have any plans at all for several years.
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