Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

First late day in quite a while...

Of course, there's a perfectly logical explanation for it (no, really, there is). I came down with something (still not sure what) late last week, and most of this week has been spent going through the "aftermath" of that, trying to fully recover. I've been taking night-time cold meds this week and apparently last night they worked too well... I completely slept through the alarm this morning. At least it was well understood for a cause, considering 2 days ago I wasn't able to speak for half of the day (though, that's the one thing they wanted out of me that day... *headdesk*).

In other news, I'm about to start on a project that, among some friends of mine, might be considered heresy. I've got most of the design work done on porting my current Palm OS best-seller (CacheMate) over to Pocket PC. I still despise Microsoft, but this is a response to a lot of demand for a Pocket PC port of the program, and it also lets me hit the other half of the PDA market... not a bad thing :-) The only down side starting on it is the cost of test hardware... nearly $300 for a device, and the minimum suitable ones on eBay (I'm shooting for version 2002 of the OS as an absolute minimum) aren't much cheaper. It's a good thing, at least, that I can make that kind of thing a business expense.
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