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Good week so far

...and it's just starting, so hopefully the trend will continue.

Some of this evening was spent doing something I've not done since moving to High Point... rolling a heavy ball down the floor, making an attempt to knock over a pin... 10 if I'm really lucky :-) Thanks for the game, Becca!

I'm making some real progress on the Pocket PC version of CacheMate. A few steps away from a working, editable database, then after that comes the rounding things out and adding the ability to import and export data. After that's done, I can add it to my collection and hopefully increase the income a bit. There's already quite a bit of demand for such a beast, so that's promising. I've also decided what test hardware I'm likely to get... one of the Garmin iQue Mx models. I'll need to work with their GPS hardware anyway, and otherwise it's a decent example of Windows-crammed-into-a-battery-hogging-handheld.

I came home this evening to find a package on the doorstep... a box set of the first 5 Harry Potter books in paperback, which I've been thinking of buying for a while, and finally broke down and did it. Since I just finished The Silmarillion, this is perfect timing... taking another break from Orson Scott Card, incidentally, so I can try and get the 5th book (and a couple before it for some backgrond) read before the corresponding movie comes out.
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