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If only...

The other day, when doing my mom's taxes for her, I noticed something that I didn't see when I was doing my own... a deduction for producing and selling certain types of goods here in the US, and computer software was covered. I thought, "Hey, I'm involved in just that kind of thing. It may be too late for this year, as the checks have already been written and deposited, but maybe I can get in on it for next year."

Then, when looking over the instructions for the deduction, I spot this bit of info buried in the middle (incidentally, DPAD is the FLA for the TD):
Your allowable DPAD generally cannot be more than 50% of the Form W-2 wages you paid to your employees. If you did not pay Form W-2 wages, you generally are not allowed a DPAD.

Leave it to the IRS to stick it to the little guy once again, especially if that guy doesn't read things thoroughly. I don't even qualify for any of the exceptions.
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