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Brightness and clarity returning...

Concerning the "new" job and relocation:

- Found out today that days taken off to relocate won't be counted against vacation time, which is only fair

- Also found out that, if I end up able to move before the offices down there are ready (they're in the midst of a remodel to accommodate us), I'll be able to work from home in the short term... no worrying about trying to time my own relocation around that of others

- Found a couple of townhouse/condo listings in Alpharetta, one that I particularly like... I just hope that it's still available when the reloc process starts (this was also my main reason for seeking that 2nd answer above)

- Currently waiting on word concerning use of the lump sum they're giving us to cover the old mortgage... if at all possible, I'd like to vacate my current place before really putting it on the market, especially with the quick turnaround that places in my neighborhood have been seeing lately (no losing sleep over selling the place, which is a good thing)

Along with the first two things being found out this morning, I was given a nice ego boost by my current boss before he had to go to another meeting. He was thrilled that I was moving down because, according to him, I was one of four people that he said he absolutely had to have down there as part of the merge :-)


Today is technically hump day for me. As the deal is closing at the end of this week or next, I've got a personal holiday that I wont be getting paid for, and I'm taking it while I still have it. My vacation plans cover Friday through Monday, so I'm attaching Thursday to take care of that. A few days to clear my mind before the madness of relocation starts is going to be very much needed.
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