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Are you happy?

Interesting idea from my old friend otakubilly...

Happiness Meme
Someone to love: Name the people or person in your life that you love.
Something to do: What do you have in your life that you do that makes you feel like you've accomplished something. This can be your job, but not necessarily. It can also be about anything, like a hobby, perhaps, or community service.
Something to look forward to: What do you look forward to? This can be a recurring thing, like looking forward to the weekend, or some goal or event in the future.

My answers:
Someone to love: No real "someone special" at the moment, though that may change once the move is finished. Plenty of family and friends fall into this category, though.
Something to do:
Something to look forward to: Seeing my friends in Boston this weekend, the move to Georgia being over and done (not looking forward to the process as much), and the possibility of going from partial to full self-employment with what is currently my weekend project (see "Something to do")

Incidentally, contrary to ihvpave's opinion, "meme" is a correct term for this sort of thing in the sense that it's an idea that propogates. It may not fit all of the definition, but that may well be the closest word for it :-)


The company merger was originally supposed to be done tomorrow, but apparently now it's starting to take longer, possibly by a week or two. While I like staying in NC a little longer, it's annerving in the sense that I have a house listing in mind that could disappear at any time, and I can't do anything with it until the merger is done and the reloc counselor gets in touch. I swear, lawyers have become very good at drawing things out lately... first SCO vs. IBM, and now this.

Pretty much all that's left for me to do today is packing for the trip tomorrow. As far as I know, I've got everything I need for it, but I guess we shall soon see.
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