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So far in Boston

This weekend so far has been tiring, but at the same time very fun.

I arrived at the Boston airport yesterday, which was delayed by our favorite lawyer hunter leaving Charlotte at around the time that we were, which of course puts all flights there on hold. That, plus some kind of delay with the baggage claim, left me leaving the airport around 45 minutes or so later than expected. That evening, I met up with wizzu and we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street from his hotel. While there, we were witness to several birthday embarrassments, and I have to admit I was tempted to mention him to the staff :-)

It seems that around half of the waking hours today were spent driving around Cape Cod with wizzu and mavjop. We made our way around to Provincetown (the last township you find when driving around the cape), had lunch there, and wandered around on the beach there for a while before heading back into the city. Once we arrived, we went to see Ultraviolet (I was the only one to have seen it before, but I liked it enough to see it again) and went to a rather fancy restaurant (No. 9 Park St.) afterwards for dinner. Not exactly my first choice of a place to go, but it was paid for (thanks again, Stephen!) and I felt it was good to try a place like that at least once in my life. The food was naturally expensive, but it was very good.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get some extra rest after today :-) After that, we're planning to check out the St. Patty's Day parade and then wander around the Harvard campus a bit.

Photos are forthcoming, as soon as I can get some time to process them.
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