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An interesting (rest of the) year ahead

I've just finished doing my estimated income taxes and paid for the first quarter. With income from 2 day jobs in different states, slight double-taxing while I'm working on the move to GA, and my self-employment income, this tax year should get pretty interesting.

Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die? *

No, not that kind of interesting.

Thankfully, on the double-taxing issue, there's a credit that I can take on one or the other state tax return (haven't figured out which yet) that will cancel that out. Before I went looking and found that, I was about to call up someone and raise hell.

The merger is currently supposed to be (key phrase) this Tuesday, which can almost be taken with a grain of salt considering the last two weeks. Thankfully, the listing in Alpharetta that I'm still the most attracted to still seems to be available.


I did manage to get the first beta release of CacheMate 1.1 for Pocket PC done, so the testing for that will start some time later today. At least the hard part's over and I can concentrate more on the reloc madness.
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