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On the verge of raising hell...

You know it's getting close when they say, on the supposed date of the merger closing, that it's "probably definitely tomorrow".

One thing that nearly gave a couple of us heart attacks, though, was a story of getting new laptops and servers but having those machines locked down so tightly that we as an R&D group potentially wont be able to do the jobs that we're hired to do. Granted, the reasoning of not wanting a ton of personal software on the machines is a valid one, but at the same time the lack of certain rights keeps us developers from doing our jobs... we need at least a certain amount of control over our own computers.

The other side of the argument is that NCR is a big company and quite literally they have a lot of weight to throw around (pun intended), but if they're going to hire us to do development and be able to react quickly to problems, then at the very least they should let us have the ability to do all of that without everything being tied up in a bunch of bureaucratical bullshit.

Hopefully something more acceptable will come out of a discussion today or tomorrow, prompted by an email of mine raising this very point. Some talk of giving us as a group our own "independent" network environment came up, and that would be ideal depending on what that involves.
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