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If only...

...I could find a way to double my self-employment income right now (it's ramping up to just over half of my day job income at the moment), I could potentially start into that full-time immediately. I've been thinking that more lately, too.

I'm not dreading the relocation, no... it's mostly the other issue that still hasn't been addressed yet, mainly because they're still dragging on the whole merger process. The current owner/CEO, who will still be an overall manager of my department after the buyout, needs to be involved in the meeting on that one, but he's currently bogged down in getting the merger done. In the meantime, I'm just taking things a day at a time here at work.

It's actually been a dream of mine to go fully self-employed at some point, anyway. So, yeah... if only...

Utter coincidence, by the way, that this song is playing... it just happens to be on the radio at the moment.
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