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Empty threats, and other such things

Motricity, Inc. (parent company of PalmGear, PocketGear, etc.) has been hounding me over the last couple of months, first with snail mail and now with email, to fill out and send them a W-9 for tax purposes.

When's the last time I sold anything through them? May 3, 2005
Do I ever plan to sell through them again? No

That brings us to a quote from today's email: In summary, if the original forms are not received by the April 21, 2006 date, the company, Motricity, Inc., will implement a 28 percent federal income tax backup withholding policy on a retroactive basis for the 2006 tax year.

Let's see, 28% of nothing is... let me do the math, here...

As you can imagine, that was the best laugh I had all day, or it would be if I wouldn't have gotten strange looks at the office :-)


Concerning the fear of a padlocked laptop on my desk, rumor has it that the R&D staff wont be getting new laptops after all, given that those people getting new ones have gotten emails about it and I (or any of the other R&D people I've talked to) haven't seen anything. Whether or not this means that all of our existing laptops will be locked down or if it's even true, I don't know, but it feels like a good sign.
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