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As the week ends...

We found out today that the rumor about the R&D people keeping their computers (and administrative rights on those computers) is absolutely true. I guess the right thing was said to the right person and the one listening had a head on their shoulders at that moment. Obviously, I'm feeling better now about this move :-)


Since last Sunday, I've been working on pre-packing at the house, sorting what I have into what I want to (tentatively) take with me on the move, what I can sell, and what I can stand to toss. Eight 30-gallon trash bags later, I'm starting to make some headway on that goal. I call it attempting to shed my pack-rat tendencies.

Yesterday was the initial call from Prudential Relocation, only to set up an appointment for next Friday to actually start to get the ball rolling... I swear, these people seem worse than the lawyers working through the merger details, but it could also be that this is a big moving season and we aren't their only clients. I wouldn't mind so much, but since my secondary choices for a place to live down there keep disappearing, I'm getting more and more anxious as time goes on that my primary choice will disappear as well.


Cue the continued email nagging from Motricity... I told them yesterday that I haven't sold anything in the last year, and now I'm sure I've broken their collective hearts by telling them I'm not planning to sell through them again.

Why not? The words "highway robbery" come to mind...


This weekend, I'll likely be working on an SDK for the Pocket PC version of CacheMate, between going to see Silent Hill (was mistaken on the release date), meeting up with dichotomous, and likely getting some more pre-packing done. I'm doing the SDK sooner than I would have otherwise planned to, because the first people to get it will be the folks at Mapopolis :-)

I've been asked to export to their file format by a couple of my customers but, as they seem to guard that info quite fiercely, I proposed that (with the SDK) they could write the export code themselves and not have to release their trade secret. They seemed interested in that idea, so I'm getting my part done before memories start to fade over there.
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