Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Reloc disappointment #1

Since my hands are basically tied at the moment with regards to checking out places in GA through a realtor, I asked a friend to help me out by taking a look at my primary choice, and she called up someone to check it out last Friday. What she got was "sorry, it's being leased for a year, but you can still buy it if you'd like to invest."

And they couldn't update the bloody listing?!?

That's obviously not going to work for someone who's looking for a place to live before the lease is up... no wonder it's still on the market. I was told that there are likely some similar properties in the area, but I guess it's back to the drawing board just in case. If it's a place that's not very similar, and this place does seem to be very nice, I may not be interested.

[Update @ 10:27]
A glimmer of hope... found another townhouse in the same community. Slightly more expensive, but not too bad, and if the layout is similar this could be good.
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