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Relocation saga, part 2

Compared to the luck that some others here are having, my initial call with the relocation counselor came pretty much on time (30 minutes late... a lot better, though, than playing phone tag for 2 days). There were two pieces of good news for my case in particular:

- Moving out of my current place before selling it shouldn't be a problem
- She's giving my contact info to a realtor in GA today!

While both of those are stellar news, especially considering I've got a certain lack of control in this process, the latter is great because that means that I may be able to make it down to GA to check out places late next week after all. I've found the twin of my former primary choice, which is just down the way from it, and want to get a crack at it before it disappears as well. It's also vacant, which is great for move timing but also adds to the urgency a bit.

Now I just have to wait on the realtor to call and hopefully get an appt. set up for next Friday, and start hitting up banks for pre-approvals. I would have done the latter by now, but I didn't have details until today concerning how much control I had over that part of it.
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