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Ok, that's the most exciting part about it, anyway. I'll definitely feel better when I'm house hunting in GA tomorrow :-)

One thing that's managed to dupe me for all of this time, though... at my current place, the garage is apparently part of the square footage in the listing (1400 and some change). With the footprint of the townhouse itself, the most that can realistically be inside the place is around 900... I just haven't done the math until now. Considering one of the guys there bought his place after the garage had been converted into a rec room, I guess the figure means that it could potentially be livable space, but it's still misleading for those of us that park our cars in them.

Until last night, that was affecting my going through listings, as hardly any of the places I've found have a carport much less a garage. No longer, though... now I know how to make a reasonably accurate comparison with respect to my current place.
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