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The ball continues to roll...

Last Thursday evening I drove to GA, and stayed with helixblue and lilbluebus while looking for a new place in the area. I did find one, and submitted an offer Friday afternoon.

(mine is the unit whose door is closest to the camera... it's basically a split-level condo)

A counter-offer was proposed yesterday, which seemed fair to me (I went low initially, and this round splits the difference), so I signed that and I'm currently waiting on a copy of the offer with both signatures on it. I should also be applying and locking a rate for the mortgage today or tomorrow, which shouldn't be much of a problem as I've already been pre-approved for more than I'll be needing. So far, so good!

If things continue to go as they're going now, I should be closing on the new place on the 26th of this month, and moving down a week or two later.
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