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Relocation saga, part... *scratches head* 5

So far, so good:
- The condo has been inspected, and the seller has agreed to take care of all reported problems
- The master insurance policy that the HOA holds is enough for the mortgage company to continue what they're doing... I'll be getting something to cover my stuff inside, but that isn't needed for the mortgage processing to go forward
- Loan applications and disclosures are all read, signed, and ready to send back this afternoon... I've already been pre-approved for more than I'll need, but still a little anxious there
- The appraisal has been done on the new place, and the result is that it's worth a full $9k more than I'm paying... sweet!

I'll be "working" from home at least most of tomorrow, to accommodate the movers sending someone by to see how much they'll need to pack up and move. I also need to get to the bank and get some stuff notarized to facilitate the home-selling part of the relocation.

That leaves me relaxing again this weekend, which is good. The only thing that I have to do then is the drive to Concord for mom's day :-)
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