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10 to go

Nearly first thing this morning, I received and replied to an email from my loan advisor trying to confirm that I was covered as far as insurance goes (I don't have the paperwork, but the property manager does, and she was confirming the scope of their coverage). I'd mentioned before what the realtor told me, but the fact that she was confirming it with a "quick question" this morning to me suggests that they are indeed getting close to getting things done :-)


When I got home this afternoon, I had a message from a Greensboro branch of my bank asking if I wanted to set up an appointment with a financial specialist to get their help with anything. Let's see...

- I had documents notarized at a High Point branch yesterday concerning the sale of this place

- I've nearly finished gearing up financially for next week's closing costs on the new place, including some moving around of my reloc benefits (flags raised, maybe?)

- I've already got a mortgage application well underway (of course, they may not know this)

<sarcasm>Tell me, why would they think I need their help?</sarcasm>
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