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8 to go... the home stretch, apparently!

Reloc updates:

- According to the updates from the mortgage company, my loan apps have been submitted for final underwriting. The next step is final approval! They're sending out a kind of automated update email when these things happen, which is pretty cool... I remember last time that I did this, finding out whether the final approval was done or not was almost like pulling teeth :-)

- From a call and some emails from the closing attorney, they and the mortgage company are apparently speaking now. Another good thing.

- When I talked to my contact at the movers yesterday, they said that it could take up to 2 weeks (*blink*) for my stuff to be delivered at the new address once it was all loaded on the truck, due to the amount of stuff (or lack thereof, apparently). I'm wondering if I should have left more for them to do, instead of taking as much of it myself, if it might have sped things up. It's a good thing I'm preparing for some days without things like the bed and furniture there, but I guess I'll need to look up the nearest laundromat as well for at least one visit (maybe two).


With all of the emails flying around between myself, the realtor and the mortgage company lately, I ended up writing something of a "mail alert" script that would send a message to my cel whenever something from a list of selected addresses arrived. When I received those updates from the mortgage company earlier today, it was cool to finally see that thing doing what it was meant to do :-)
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