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It's done! Well, not quite... kinda sorta...

I arrived at the condo this afternoon, did the final walkthrough, and everything seemed to check out. After that was the closing, which started out great but then got a little hairy. The termite letter that I was given was dated back in November, but apparently no one (including myself) caught that until today. The letter is only good for 30 days, but we were able to almost get the closing done nonetheless... the entire thing's in escrow (meaning no one gets paid) until he can get a more current termite letter next week, but he was kind enough to let me go ahead and take possession of the place today, so the trip wouldn't be wasted (never mind the fact that I wouldn't be back until late next Friday night) and I could go ahead and put in all the stuff that I hauled down this morning.

Since my cable and phone aren't set up yet (that'll be next weekend), I'm at Panera Bread right now using their network after enjoying a sandwich. After that, going to Publix to get a few things and then I plan to inflate the air mattress and crash on it :-) The vacuuming can wait until tomorrow, and the carpet is almost brand new (maybe a year or two old) with no visible stains, so I'm debating skipping rental of the carpet cleaner.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking about going to see X3 at some point, once I can find a theatre around here. Thomas? Dallas? James? Doing anything tomorrow? :-) If you don't have my cel # to call me, you can send a text message via my info page on here to get my attention.
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