Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

2 to go

I guess today is effectively Friday for me, at least in terms of time at the office. Tomorrow I'll be working my tail off wrapping things up in preparation for the move, and will officially move Friday after the movers have come and gone... I still don't know when everything will be delivered at the new place, but should have a better idea than 2-14 days by the time they load the truck and depart.

I did get a nice send-off from the local Subway today, though, in the form of a free lunch. Over time of being a regular customer there, I'd gotten to know the owners and a couple others there... when one of the owners asked me a couple weeks ago when my last day would be up here, I kind of suspected this might happen, but it was still a nice surprise.

For a four-day weekend, this will likely be just as tiring as the last two, if not more so. The nice part, at least, is that I wont have to make the return trip to NC in time for work Monday morning :-)
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