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It's done! Well, almost... (sound familiar?)

The sequence of events for most of today:
- Took cable box and modem to Time Warner and had service disconnected
- Movers packed and loaded most of my stuff, and I loaded what I could in the car
- Drove to the new place in GA and unloaded what I brought

I'm now officially living in Georgia! The USPS knows it, too. Now, I just have to convince the DMV and Board of Elections, which will take some time...

One nice piece of news, that actually came yesterday and was confirmed today, was that my furniture will be arriving next Thursday! Here and I was bracing myself to go without certain things (namely the widescreen and more necessary things like a washer and dryer and places inside to sit and eat) for two weeks.

Tomorrow, then, becomes the day of errands. Pick up the UPS Store mailbox key, stop by Target and Publix while I'm in the vicinity, get broadband set up (using the cel for a modem gets old), and start attempting to sort through all of the stuff I've brought down here myself that is mostly sitting on the floor in the great room at this point. That last one's going to be pretty hard without furniture, but I should be able to take care of at least some of it.
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