Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Last utility connected

Well, the phone is working now. As it turns out, the guy from Bellsouth didn't have to come in after all, but I believe it was a different guy than a week or so ago (not sure what the other guy's problem was)... when he was done, he simply called the number to make sure it worked. Fortunately I had decided to go ahead and plug in the phone, or I would have never known :-)

Not surprisingly, the next two calls after that were wrong numbers.

This is also my first day working at the new home, which isn't very productive as there are limited places to sit inside at the moment, and I have to keep shifting positions to stay comfortable on the floor (at least there's carpet). Now that I have the work laptop working on my wireless network, I can try working out on the balcony tomorrow, but around the middle of the day it's bound to get pretty uncomfortable (mid 80s is the high). I'm going to be looking pretty longingly at that pool!
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