Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Can Windows and Open Source Learn to Play Nice?

Either this is the beginning of another bait and switch, or someone's been slipping something into the coffee cups at Redmond...

Mother Fights to Eliminate Harry Potter Books

*rolls eyes*

Geez, woman, if you want your kids to be sheltered, find time to home school them. Don't push your practice of judging books by their covers on the rest of us.


I'm in the middle of another shareware project, this one a combination of Windows and Pocket PC software (for a start, anyway). When working on the Pocket PC version of CacheMate, I looked around and found what was probably the best over-the-air installer package for my needs, but it was not without problems. It's been months since I brought those up, and still no fixes have been made available. Fed up with that, now, so I'm pulling things together in an effort to write my own... if it works, I can always sell it as well :-)
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