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Swiped from several people...

You scored as 4th Doctor. Wild, eccentric, wacky! do you want a jelly babie?


4th Doctor


3rd doctor


5th Doctor


1st Doctor


9th Doctor




10th Doctor


8th Doctor


2nd doctor


a Dalek


7th Doctor


6th doctor


What Doctor Who character are You?
created with

Well? Do you? :-)

The move is done now, for all intents and purposes... everything's moved in and unpacked, and the movers' boxes are gone. There are a couple repairs I'm getting done, stuff I wish had shown up for inspection but I guess some things are just missed or show up late. One of them was a leak in the dishwasher, which fortunately was covered by the home warranty, and there are two windows in the dining room that need replacement. What's cool about the latter is that Glass Doctor has this customer savings plan (15% off anything for the term of the plan), which is already paying for itself with this job! The other windows in the dining room get hit just as hard by the sun, so I'm betting that more seals are going to break before long... if they do it within the next year, though, I'll be saving another $80 off of each one :-)

The Pocket PC installer I was working on is done as well... not a finished product yet, but it's together enough that I can go ahead and use it with my own software and see how well it goes. As I said before, if it works out well I can start selling it as my first vertical market product.

I'm definitely looking forward to the week of the 4th... I have the week off and, aside from needing to take care of the license and tag details and possibly needing to hang around here one day while the glass is replaced, I plan to do some exploring of the city. Will likely wind up with a fireworks show on the agenda by then as well... probably the one at Stone Mountain. Anyone local want to join me?
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