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The day that almost wasn't

No, nothing bad happened today. Quite the contrary...

Normally, icy/snowy weather doesn't phase the owners of the company that I work for. Unless there's a blizzard that half-covers the building, they still expect everyone to show up if humanly possible. Well, today was different... there was no power at the building this morning, so my manager calls me up at 8am and tells me that I can just stay home.

Of course, I did anything but :-)

I had a fridge that needed restocking, and a truck that needed an oil change. I got both of those done first thing today. After that was done, I bought this and this. I'm still listening to the former, and it's a fairly good CD.

Why did I get all of this done today? Well, before any possible rain starts falling tomorrow, I want to try out a potential new hobby. Thanks to bartacus, bigpz and tawnyleona for opening my eyes to this one.
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