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In the last seven days...

Caught two more movies that I wanted to see this summer
The new Pirates movie, while it was good, didn't seem quite as good as the first one. I'm still looking forward to the 3rd one, though, to see what they do with the story. A Scanner Darkly, on the other hand, was very good... even if it had its weird moments (but, hey, given the message of the movie those moments fit right in).

This weekend is a toss-up between Clerks II and Lady In The Water, unless I luck out and can fit two movies in a weekend again. Anyone up for joining me?

Things set in motion to sell the old home
I mentioned the acceptance of the verbal offer before, but now it's solid... both the agreement between the buyer and Prudential (which acts as a middleman in this deal to make things easier on me) to buy the place and between Prudential and myself to sell it. Well, my end will be more solid as soon as I get the official sales contract (received today) signed. Thanks to helixblue for the use of his eyeballs and signature in that department.

The closing is near the end of August, but I likely wont have to take responsibility for anything with the house for quite that long... just until after the inspection repairs are taken care of. Among other things, that means I have one more mortgage and HOA payment, if any :-)

Home postage printing established
Compared to the post office in High Point, the one down here is kind of odd in the fact that, while they have the postage kiosk out in the hall, it's only turned on during office hours. After this week, when I start commuting to the office, it'll be harder for me to get over there to take care of postage for packages and the like. For that reason, I set up an internet postage account and bought a scale and other things to get that up and running. The last of the stuff arrived today, so I set that up and tested it, and got a package ready to ship that I had waiting on this day (hey, if you're going to test something, do it right).

Released CacheMate 1.2 for Pocket PC
...getting that program pretty close to done and allowing me to work on other projects that I have on my list, including the installer that I wrote and am now using with it (I need to get a WM5 PDA to get some problems ironed out before I can sell that one, though).
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