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What a good feeling it is...

The old house is sold!!!
I just got off the phone with Prudential Relocation, where they told me that as of today my old home is no longer mine. I'm now down to one house that I'm paying for, and I should get my equity check on the old one within the month. As soon as they transfer the utilities out of my name, the city will do a final meter reading and I'll get my last bill for that, then I won't have to worry about that place again... I'll just miss it.

On that note...

Christmas in July
Ok, the stuff will be delivered in August, but it was ordered in July. Close enough :-)

Part of the relocation benefits with NCR was in the form of a nice lump sum, to cover expenses that the other reimbursements didn't cover. In my case, I used less than half of the amount on relocation and covering the old home until it just sold. With the rest of it, I'll be getting some camera equipment (it'll be nice to have a couple of decent wide-aperture zooms, as well as a ball-head tripod) and whatever's left will knock a nice chunk out of the CC balance that I currently have.

Not to mention getting the 20D paid for sooner than I thought I would.

Endicia has redeemed itself
They may be slow about it, but the internet postage company I've got an account with has reconciled the fact that they sent the wrong labels last week. They've actually gone over and beyond what I expected, too... not only is the correct roll of labels en route, but they didn't say anything about returning the incorrect one (didn't answer my questions about returning it, anyway) and I haven't seen a charge for the new roll.
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