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All done with the old house... almost
The final utility bill for the old place came in on Friday, one more sign that ownership has successfully changed. Now I'm just waiting on the completed sale contract and other things (supposed to arrive this week, I think), and the equity check.

Here's to successful firsts
Chicken + veggies + broccoli cheese soup = yum

Yesterday was my first attempt at a little "guided" skillet improv, and the results were encouraging. It was guided in the sense that I wasn't quite sure at first how long and how hot to cook everything, but that info was pretty easy to track down.

I personally liked it, but do still need a guinea pig, which leads me to...

Mom's coming down
Not quite the same hour drive that it was from Concord to High Point, but at least it's still doable. She's staying the weekend, and I'm taking her to the aquarium as an early birthday gift. Fortunately, I've got an air mattress and a good excuse for a guest room... fold up the Bowflex, inflate the mattress, and all is good.

Yes, I'm planning to go this year... I may not be in costume, but at least I'll be there. I'd thought about coming down here for that a couple times when I was living in NC, but now that I'm living down here I have no excuse not to :-) I'm hoping to tack a floating holiday onto the weekend as well, which should make it even better.
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