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Um, hello? *sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

I recently set up a fax number here in case I needed to use it, to allow for it to work unattended. There hasn't been much faxing since I put it in (thank goodness RingMaster service is free), but there have been a lot of telemarketers calling it. Not a big surprise. However, today's caller was...

The DeKalb County School Board (in case you're wondering, that's not the one I'm in)

At least 3 times they've called that number today (twice since I got home), and every time I just let the fax machine pick it up (it is, after all, that number). I'm guessing they were expecting a person to answer, because nothing's come in. Granted, someone they're trying to contact could have recently had that number. Given the source, though, you'd think they'd learn...

Doh! Phone's ringing again... that makes 4 times :-)
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