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Planning ahead (in a big way)

A couple of times in the recent past, I've thought about a trip to Canada, but most of those times there has been something that screwed things up in one way or another. Now, however, I think that trip may actually come to be...

...thanks mostly to my new employer, actually. With what was left over from the relocation benefit, quite a bit of debt has been eliminated, and that's not over yet (still waiting on the escrow refund from the old mortgage... was thinking I would get that by now, but with the closing being four days away it shouldn't take much longer).

There's also the new benefit of being able to "buy" extra vacation time if I need it, and that's actually the reason I'm thinking things through now... if I remember correctly, next month is when next-year benefits elections (like that one) are made. The pay cut caused by the time off shouldn't be a problem, though, with the shareware income added in.

Anyway, away from work for a second, I'm specifically planning to go to the Toronto area... I've got a cousin there and several friends within a couple hours drive, mostly concentrated in and around Toronto. I'll be heading up on a Friday (not sure which yet, but sometime in the summer), to make sure I get at least one weekend in the area, and head back home late the following week. Niagara is right there, too, which should be a good thing to do one day while I'm there.

There's still some time, and still some planning to do, but I'm thinking it's great that I'm finally getting my arse up there. I've got several reasons to go, and now it seems that there are fewer things standing in the way.
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