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New toys all around

It looks like dichotomous isn't the only one getting a new laptop this week. Don't get me wrong... I love my old Gateway Solo and, while it still works quite well, I'm starting to outgrow it.

What am I growing into? One of these. One of the better parts of it is that, because I do a lot of shareware development on my laptop, I can write off at least a nice chunk of the cost of this thing. A rebate and cash back from the store don't hurt, either :-)

O'course, after I get everything copied and reinstalled, that means I'll have a maxed out Solo 5300 to do something with... either keep it as a backup, or sell it off to someone. If I do the latter, I'll probably either leave it without an OS or put the original WinME back on it (if I can find the original CDs, though I wouldn't wish that ugliness on anyone, much less a friend). If I leave it without an OS, drivers are still downloadable from Gateway and I'm also throwing in the case (since it doesn't fit the new one) and the wired/wireless network cards (since those are now redundant). Would anyone be interested?

Also, does anyone have any experience with portable laptop desks? I'm looking into this one, but just wondering if there may be an even better option that fits into a bag as easily (0.5" thick, gotta love that). The Solo is not bad when it comes to heat on the bottom, but the new one says up front that it will heat up, so I want to be prepared before I travel with it.
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